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American Society of Retina Specialists – 2014 Meeting


For its annual meeting ASRS challenged OVATION to design an experience where attendees had the flexibility to access information when they needed it, on their own schedule and at their own pace. In addition, they wanted to provide attendees with an added level of engagement by enabling them to interact and ask questions during the General Session.

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OVATION’s presentation management technology was critical for successfully delivering all of the rapid fire and video-intensive surgical case content that ASRS offers at their conference. Utilizing the technology, hundreds of presentations (averaging 170MBs) were uploaded in advance and then pushed to the session rooms. OVATION’s technology platform easily handled the fast nature of each session and effectively managed presentations and speaker transitions by enabling presenters to alternate from stage left podium to stage right with little to no break in between presentations.  In addition, all sessions were recorded and published online to enable attendees to view at their convenience post event. Traditional audio/video and production solutions would require multiple graphics operators to manage presentation delivery and recording as well as have an elevated risk of presentation failure or pushing the incorrect presentation at the wrong time. OVATION’s technology platform eliminated the risk and administrative burden of this labor as well as enabled budget savings by limiting additional equipment costs.

OVATION designed Film kiosks that were placed throughout the event where attendees could access surgical videos and papers. OVATION’s centralized database housed both the videos and papers so they could be accessed on demand from any kiosk.

Attendees also stayed up-to-date on any schedule changes in the General Session through a large centralized Digital Signage screen in the exhibit hall.


Creative Services, Event Production, Experiential Technology

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Creative Services, Event Production, Experiential Technology
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