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PTC Live Global 2014


For the last four years, PTC has challenged OVATION to migrate their content away from traditional PowerPoint slides in order to maximize their highly visual and demo-focused content to enable PTC Executives and client speakers to deliver dynamic and engaging stories about the vision of the company complimented by inspirational client stories. In addition to elevated creative and message delivery, PTC wanted to maintain flexibility with the design to allow for last minute changes and smooth transitions from one presentation to the next.

In 2014, returning to their headquarters of Boston coupled with their 25th anniversary, PTC wanted to raise the bar and utilize a huge projection surface, engaging walk-in video to fill the room and an impactful kick off for their CEO’s presentation.

Alongside the main conference, Liveworx, ServiceExchange and Executive Exchange were co-located events that needed to have their own brand identity while still having some brand cohesiveness across the three rooms.

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OVATION designed a 22 foot tall and 180 foot wide screen, hexagon sliding door and larger-than-life graphics. Working alongside PTC, OVATION’s creative team designed stunning visuals that worked together seamlessly, ensuring smooth and effective transitions from presentation to presentation.

PTC kicked off their conference with an Opening Experience that recapped their vision of the seven forces now transforming manufacturing. The module flowed perfectly into CEO Jim Heppelmann’s keynote presentation. Expanding far beyond the traditional confines of a typical PowerPoint presentation, OVATION produced a series of animated slides that took full advantage of the entire scenic surface. This method allowed Jim to most strongly emphasize the importance of PTC and their clients’ role in the everevolving “Internet of Things”. PTC’s clients walked away from the conference with confirmed confidence in PTC as an industry leader.

OVATION aided PTC in allowing their speakers to convert basic PowerPoint layouts into full screen presentations with strategically placed animations for transitions or key messaging. This enabled each presenter to have an impactful presentation and offered a consistent template throughout.

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Creative Services, Event Production, Experiential Technology

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Creative Services, Event Production, Experiential Technology
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